Greenbelt Couple Find the Fun in Funky 5s Scratch-off Win

Claim $55,555 top prize on Maryland Lottery instant ticket

Funky 5sA married Greenbelt couple who always enjoy playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs together found lots of fun – $55,555 worth – sharing a Funky 5s instant ticket. All it took to score the top prize on the scratch-off was a combination of Lottery luck and online research.

“My husband always checks the website before we buy any tickets,” said the woman, who is a stay-at-home mom. “We hadn’t bought any tickets for three weeks, so we went to the store and bought three after he checked online and saw two prizes left on the ticket.”

They came away empty-handed after scratching all three $5 tickets but that didn’t discourage the pair from going back later that day to their “lucky spot” at Greenbelt Liquors. There, they purchased two more tickets.

“I started scratching one of the tickets and noticed that all of the numbers were the same. I showed my husband and he made me wait 15 minutes before I could scratch off the prize part of the ticket!” she laughed.

Together, the couple scratched off the rest of the ticket and revealed a total of $55,555 in winnings.

“The most we ever won was $500, so this was something else,” said the man, who works in law enforcement.

The Prince George’s County couple is looking forward to using the money toward a down payment for their first home and a college fund for their son, who will enter high school this fall. “Our birthdays are in July, I’m sure we’ll do something nice, just the two of us,” the woman said.

They found their lucky Funky 5s ticket at Greenbelt Liquors located at 7533 Greenbelt Blvd. in Greenbelt. For all of the other researchers interested, there is one remaining top prize and three $5,000 second-tier prizes remaining on the ticket.