Grocery-Shopping Grandma Bags Third Big Scratch-off Win

Her lucky Giant delivers $10,000 prize on $1 Million Fortune game

Every so often, a Baltimore grandmother will add a special little something to her bag of groceries and, lately, those special Maryland Lottery scratch-offs keep giving her thousands of reasons to grin!

“I just can’t believe it,” said the 51-year-old administrative worker. On Jan. 19, she made her third trip to Lottery headquarters in recent months to collect another $10,000 prize on the $1 Million Fortune instant ticket.

“I want that $1 million,” she said, explaining why the $20 ticket is one of her favorite scratch-offs. She has also won the $10,000 top prize twice on the 10x Cash game. She doesn’t play scratch-offs all that often, she said, and waits until she has extra cash. Giant #159 at 3757 Old Court Road in Baltimore is definitely her lucky Lottery retailer.

The mother of two adult children and grandmother of one typically shops before buying a scratch-off or two. She checks the instant tickets while in the store to see if she’s a winner. This time, she followed her routine, except she only scratched off enough of the second $1 Million Fortune instant ticket to realize she won big.

“I scratched the rest of the ticket in the car,” she said. “I went home and told my husband I had a project for him to do. He said OK, but he hoped it wasn’t soon. I took the ticket out of my pocket and said, ‘It’s going to be soon.’”

She plans to put her prize in the bank and spend it on things that need to be done around the house as well as a fun vacation.

The $1 Million Fortune ticket launched in June 2014 and still has one remaining $1 million top prize, one $50,000 prize and five more $10,000 prizes waiting to be found at Lottery retailers across the state.