Grocery Stop Generates $50,000 Gain

Lutherville Man Makes Moola with Money Talks Lottery Scratch-off Purchase

Money TalksStops at the grocery store usually result in reducing, rather than increasing, your bank account, unless you are the recently retired Lutherville man who visited his neighborhood Giant last week.

While pausing at the customer service counter for a friendly chat with the front-end manager, he decided to buy a $5 Money Talks scratch-off ticket. He bid the manager farewell and walked toward the door, while scratching his ticket, only to quickly turn around.

“I saw that I had matched a number with $50,000 as the prize and went right back in to ask for the ticket to be scanned,” he said.

Sure enough, his Benjamin Franklin-themed ticket held the game’s top prize.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “It’s just so fun!”

The man’s wife and two adult children were thrilled. “I’ve been getting texts all day from my kids. They just keep telling me what to do with the money,” he said, laughing. “They’re suggesting everything from starting college funds to planning another family vacation.”

He already knows how he is going to spend some of his winnings. After paying off his wife’s car, he plans to return to Hawaii with his wife for a vacation. “She’s finishing up her last week of the school year, so this fits perfectly.”

He bought the ticket at Giant #165 located at 9934 Reisterstown Road in Owings Mills. There are three remaining $50,000 top prizes on the Money Talks ticket.