Group of Federal Co-Workers Win Second-Tier Mega Millions Prize

Sixteen Winners Split $250,000

Mega MillionsIt’s been a few years since a group of 16 Federal Employees have been playing Mega Millions. They purchase tickets once the jackpot grows to over $100 million. They’ve won a little here and there, but on Friday, April 23rd, they won the second-tier prize of $250,000.

The group designated one person to purchase the tickets and he has established a clever way to reveal if the group has won or not. “Well, I designed a spreadsheet.  When I input the winning numbers, it will automatically show if we have won,” he said. “The screen will turn colors.” And, that is what happened when he checked the computer last Saturday. He then called and e-mailed all of the group members.  The group includes 12 men and four women.

Three winners from the group claimed this week. Each member will receive $10,273 after taxes. Some of the winnings will be used towards their children’s education and vacations. The winning ticket was purchased at Harwood Convenience Store located at 6641 Washington Blvd. in Elkridge, Maryland.

The Mega Millions jackpot continues to grow.  Tonight’s jackpot is $224 million.