“Gut Feeling” Leads to a Big Win

Silver Spring Woman Claims $50,000 Scratch-off Top Prize

Triple PayoutA Montgomery County woman visited Lottery headquarters last week to collect a scratch-off prize she had won after trusting her gut.  The Silver Spring native, an occasional Lottery player, had stopped in at a wine shop to get specific scratch-offs when something caught her eye. The Triple Payout scratch-off she bought paid itself off with a $50,000 top prize.

“It just popped out at me. There are a couple of games that I really like, that I’ve had luck with, but for some reason I thought I should give Triple Payout a try,” she told officials.  “I can’t explain it.  Something just told me that getting this game would be a good move.”  The sudden gut feeling to buy the ticket resulted in the purchase of a lifetime.

Our winner, an in-house caregiver, took the ticket home and checked it with her boyfriend.  “I went ballistic when I saw the dollar amount under my match,” she said. “My boyfriend was shocked into silence, but I was yelling and screaming.”

The winner told Lottery officials that the prize money will go into savings.  When prodded a little further, the woman also added with a smile, “Maybe a nice vacation, too.”  The Lottery retailer with a special on “gut feelings” was Wheaton Winery, 2211 University Boulevard in Silver Spring.