Gwynn Oak Woman’s Hunch Leads to Instant Win

Wins $30,000 Playing Blackout Bingo Scratch-Off

Blackout BingoYou never know when a lottery number will pop into your head. For Stephanie Murray, it happened on the way home from a shopping outing on Sunday – a Pick 4 combination she felt sure would hit. Moments later, she saw a lottery retailer and stopped to play her “hunch” number. She also bought a scratch-off ticket on the spur-of-the-moment. It wasn’t until early the next morning that she would figure out which game, Pick 4 or Blackout Bingo, would be the luckiest for her.

Stephanie, a resident of Baltimore’s Gwynn Oak neighborhood, took her tickets home, intending to scratch her instant game that evening. With much on her mind – she’s out of work on medical leave – she forgot to play. Later, though, when finding it difficult to sleep, she remembered her Blackout Bingo ticket and started scratching. “I looked at the $30,000 and was sure my eyes were playing tricks on me – it was awful early in the morning,” she admitted to officials. “I just kept checking it, over and over.”

Despite the early hour, Stephanie’s eyes were reliable, she had won Blackout Bingo’s $30,000 top prize. Her winnings will help with her medical bills. First, though, her winnings will assure this Christmas is a memorable one for her family. Stephanie found her lottery luck at the Soda Pop Shop at 1026 Ingleside Ave. in Baltimore.