Hagerstown Golfer Scores Off The Links

Curtis Wilson - Double Hot Bucks

The Wilsons are ecstatic about their Double Hot Bucks win.

Wins $50,000 Playing Double Hot Bucks Scratch-off

Curtis Wilson of Hagerstown plays the Maryland Lottery’s big jackpot games every week, but occasionally he’ll get the urge to try a scratch-off ticket. One of those occasions was earlier this month while on his way to play a round of golf with friends. Curtis wound up being a big winner before even hitting the course.

“I had a half-day at work so I called a couple of the guys to see if they could play a round,” Curtis told officials yesterday. Retired from the furniture business, he works now as a mechanic. “I stopped at a nearby store for a cold drink and, with the change, asked for the newest instant ticket they had, which turned out to be Double Hot Bucks.”

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Curtis knew almost immediately that he was holding a $50,000 winner, but asked the clerk to check it, just to be sure. “I was nervous and excited but stayed pretty calm.” He kept the news to himself, not saying a word to his friends through all 18 holes of golf. Upon finishing the round, however, he could no longer keep quiet. “They didn’t believe me, it took a bit of work to convince them.”

Curtis found his Lottery luck at the Sheetz convenience store, located at 191 Eastern Boulevard in Hagerstown. Curtis and his wife have not yet determined how their winnings will fit into their lives – except allowing them to play more golf.