Hagerstown Man Becomes Lottery’s Newest Millionaire

Claims $1 Million “Black” Ticket Top Prize

After purchasing a few scratch-off tickets a couple of days ago, a 62-year-old Hagerstown man went about his normal routine just like it was any other day.  As always, he gave his son a couple to scratch, and kept a few for himself.  It wasn’t until 3:30 this morning that he decided to scratch the tickets he kept for himself.  It was then that he revealed his $1 million win.

“I quickly woke my son to tell him the news,” said the retired winner.  “My son was so excited that he woke up the rest of the house.”  When asked if he was able to sleep that night, the winner said, “I slept fine.  It was everyone else in the house that couldn’t fall asleep.”

The big win came at a great time.  After working for Allegany Electric for 37 years, the winner just retired this year.  Although he isn’t quite sure what he is going to do with all of his winnings, he does plan to remodel his house and take a vacation.  He stated that it wasn’t going to change who he was.  “I’m still going to be me,” he said.  “I’m not going to try to be anything I’m not.”

The winning Black ticket was purchased at Food Lion, located at 18360 College Rd. in Hagerstown. There is still another $1 million top-prize remaining on the ticket, along with many other amounts, including four $50,000 prizes.