Hagerstown Man Makes Store Run and Walks Away with $50K Taxes-Paid

Wins top prize on Tax Free $50,000 scratch-off

The 57-year-old Hagerstown man was hanging out with his brother on Thursday, when his sibling asked him to run to the store to buy some beer. Glad to accommodate him, the father-of-two went to Central City Liquors and while there, he bought two $5 scratch-off tickets. “I bought the Tax Free $50,000 ticket because it was a new one,” said the winner. “I always go for the new ones.”

With his Lottery purchases in hand, the man went to his truck and began scratching his tickets. “I saw the hat,” he said. Revealing the hat indicates that you’ve won the prize automatically. “Then I scratched the amount and just starting shaking.”

The dazed winner quickly returned to his brother’s home and showed him his ticket. “He was pretty calm,” said the man. “We didn’t think it was real at first.”  The man’s stroke of luck came at the perfect time as he was laid off from his job just a few days prior to his win. A new truck and a new riding lawn mower are in the winner’s purchase plans.

The winning ticket was purchased at Central City Liquors, located at 401 West Washington St. in Hagerstown. The Maryland Lottery pays the estimated taxes for the top prize on the Tax Free $50,000 scratch-off.  The ticket still has five top-prizes remaining.