Hagerstown Man Nabs Top Prize on Day-Old Lottery Scratch-off

Wins $50,000 on 5X Cash Club Instant Ticket

145-5X-Cash-Club-ITVMA brand new $5 Maryland Lottery scratch-off on sale for only a few hours around the state caught the eye of one very lucky Washington County man. A loyal Lottery player, he liked the look of the new 5X Cash Club instant ticket that went on sale Monday, April 28. In fact, he liked it so much he made a “spur-of-the-moment” decision to buy four scratch-offs!

That decision paid off to the tune of $50,000!

The 36-year-old scratched the tickets off while in the retail store, Halfway Liquors at 17438 Virginia Avenue in Hagerstown. “I thought I’d won $5,” he said, as he began scratching his winning ticket and revealed a $5 figure under one of the ticket’s matching numbers. Then, he revealed two zeros after the 5, and, thought his ticket was worth $500. One more scratch of the card revealed two more zeros. Wow, $50,000! Our lucky player didn’t react in the store, he said, because “it didn’t sink in.”

He knew from hearing stories about Lottery winners that he should sign the back of the ticket immediately. He did so and hid the scratch-off under his pillow all night. “I didn’t even sleep last night,” he said, smiling, as he claimed his prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. Driving in from Hagerstown with the ticket was nerve-wracking, as well. Fears of having an accident and losing the ticket had him driving carefully with the ticket tucked safely in a pocket.

Paying bills tops his list of things to do with his winnings, along with putting the rest of the money in the bank. Employed as a distributor, he plans to tell no one about the win – not even family! He does plan to keep playing scratch-offs, Powerball and Mega Millions when the jackpots climb.