Hanover Man Finds Lottery Luck While Looking for Job

Wins $30,000 Playing Cash Lines scratch-off

161-Cash-Lines-ITVMAlexandro Campos of Hanover has been looking for a new job recently, anxious to move his life and career in a different direction. He’s had a few nibbles, but Alexandro is waiting as long as he can for that perfect job. He’s sure, he told Lottery officials today, that something would come his way, that his luck would change. Well, it has – and not the way he was expecting. At least not yet.

“I was picking up some groceries with my brother when I noticed the lottery vending machine,” the 21 year-old Anne Arundel County resident explained. “I only play once in a while, but something just felt right. I had $3 change and the first ticket I saw cost $3.” The store, Safeway #1926 at 7648 Arundel Mills Boulevard in Hanover, and the $3 ticket, Cash Lines, joined Alexandro in a lottery luck triangle – right place, right game and right time.

Upon scratching his ticket and setting aside his shock long enough for the clerk to confirm his $30,000 win, Alexandro sat in the car with his brother unable to speak. “We were very calm until the guy told us it was real. I’d been pretty excited, but until he confirmed it, I didn’t really believe it. Once he confirmed it, we stopped being calm. We were in absolute shock.”

Alexandro plans to dedicate his winnings to several bills that he’d like to remove from his agenda. “This win allows me more time to find that one job I’m looking for.” His hunt for a new opportunity has already delivered one kind of luck. Let’s hope Mr. Campos’ luck continues. His favorite scratch-off ticket, Cash Lines, still has two $30,000 top prize winners in stores.