Hanover Truck Driver Unloads Scratch-off Worth $10,000

50X The Cash game delivers a load of cash

A Hanover truck driver who purchased one non-winning $10 50x The Cash scratch-off from Telegraph Liquors in Severn decided he couldn’t leave without trying a second one. That spur-of-the-moment decision gave Joseph Pinkcett a $10,000 winning scratch-off to claim at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

The 46-year-old started scratching off the second ticket in the store, realized he held a big winner and went to his car to reveal the prize. He shared the great news with his dubious wife, who remained unconvinced of the $10,000 win until their son added up all of the numbers using the calculator on his Notepad.

“We were all very excited and happy,” said Antoinette, who accompanied her husband to claim the prize. “I just didn’t believe him at first, and then my son added it all up.”

The happy dad told Lottery officials that his plans for his winnings are to pay off some bills and save the rest. “I’m just going to put half in the bank,” he said.

Joseph’s lucky retailer is Telegraph Liquors located at 7741 Telegraph Road in Anne Arundel County. Lots of prizes remain on the 50x The Cash game, including six $100,000 top prizes, eight $50,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $10 to $10,000. The 50x The Cash game is a member of the Multiplier family of scratch-off games, which includes 5x the Cash, 10x The Cash, 20x The Cash and 100x The Cash instant tickets.