Happy Accident Leads to Top-Tier Bonus Match 5 Win

Gordon Koerner - Bonus Match 5

Gordon Koerner of Joppa won the $50,000 top prize in the Feb. 18 Bonus Match 5 drawing

Joppa Retiree Wins $50,000 Prize

A loyal Powerball player who left a Joppa convenience store with Maryland Lottery Bonus Match 5 tickets by mistake is certainly pleased with his fate.

Gordon Koerner won the $50,000 top prize in the Bonus Match 5 game’s Feb. 18 drawing due to a happy accident at the Lottery terminal. The Harford County resident entered the store intending to buy $20 worth of Powerball quick-pick tickets; the clerk accidently selected Bonus Match 5 when ringing up his purchase.

The Joppa resident discovered his good fortune after looking through all of his tickets a second time. As soon as he realized that he matched all five numbers, the 77-year-old called Lottery headquarters and informed the receptionist that he was on his way in to claim his prize.

“It’s very exciting,” Gordon said. “I just keep going over it in my head, what do I want to do with the winnings?” He kept the win a secret until he claimed his prize and planned to share the news first with his 21-year-old granddaughter, who lives with him.

The Bethlehem Steel retiree has played Maryland Lottery games since 1990. Although he won some money playing other states’ lottery games, this Maryland Bonus Match 5 win is his largest win to date. He currently works part time at Wal-Mart as a bike assembler.

Our happy winner purchased his lucky ticket at High’s #088 located at 910 Philadelphia Road in Joppa.