Happy Couple Shares Surreal Result of Scratch-off Night Fun

“D & M” of Severn enjoyed a surreal end to their Friday night scratch-off routine.

Claims $100,000 top prize on Monopoly game

A Friday night ritual of scratching off Maryland Lottery instant tickets resulted in a surreal ending for “D & M” of Severn, who enjoyed a very real $100,000 payout on a Monopoly scratch-off.

Their winning night began like any other Friday night. “D” stopped at his favorite retailer, Fort Meade Shell located at 2631 Old Annapolis Road in Hanover, to buy scratch-offs for the couple to share. On the night Lottery luck followed him home, “D” handed “M” a $10 Monopoly game and they both began to scratch off their instant tickets.

What happened next was far from routine. “M” finished revealing the board on her Monopoly instant ticket and saw she had matched one of the Monopoly numbers. She asked “D” if he was playing a joke on her when she revealed the $100,000 top prize. “I know this is a fake ticket you gave me!” she remembers saying to him.

“D” whipped out his phone with the Maryland Lottery app to show his lovely wife she had indeed won $100,000 on the very real $10 scratch-off.

The Anne Arundel County couple will use the cash to finish their basement, pay off some bills, buy a new trike and build up their savings account.

The lucky retailer, Fort Meade Shell located at 2631 Old Annapolis Road in Hanover is also a winner. The Anne Arundel County business will receive a bonus of $1,000 from the Lottery – equal to 1 percent of the prize – for selling a top-prize scratch-off in the game.

The $10 Monopoly game is a member of the Monopoly family of scratch-off games consisting of a $1 instant ticket, $5 game and $20 game. Plenty of prizes remain on the $10 instant ticket, including two more $100,000 top prizes, five $10,000 prizes and 15 $1,000 prizes.