‘Happy Dad’ Hauls in Top-Prize Bonus Match 5 Win

“Happy Dad” found his Lottery luck just in time for the holidays.

College Park man buys $50,000-winning ticket at Berwyn Heights retailer

A College Park father of one is heading into the holidays $50,000 richer, thanks to a lucky Bonus Match 5 ticket he bought at his favorite Maryland Lottery retailer.

“Happy Dad” is a weekly Lottery customer at US Fuel in Berwyn Heights, where he buys Bonus Match 5 tickets and sometimes adds a ticket for Pick 4 or Multi-Match. Although he has won small amounts in the past, the higher education employee has never claimed a prize as big as the $50,000 he won in the Nov. 30 drawing. The 53-year-old bought the ticket the night of the drawing, but didn’t discover his big win until he returned to the store days later.

“They said, ‘Oh, oh, you have to go to the Lottery to cash this one,’” he said. The clerks even printed out the winning numbers in the drawing to show him that his lucky ticket was the top-prize winner.

“Happy Dad” reports that he remained calm in the store and has kept his great news a secret from everyone. Why? He feared the prize wasn’t real. “I couldn’t believe it myself,” he said. Now that the lucky ticket has safely been cashed in, “Happy Dad” plans to share news of his good fortune with his friends. He also plans to pay off his credit cards with the prize and buy a new four-wheel drive vehicle to replace his aging vehicle.

The Prince George’s County retailer is also a winner. US Fuel located at 5901 Greenbelt Road in Berwyn Heights earns a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning ticket in the Bonus Match 5 game.