Happy Memories Lead to $20,000 Win

Christine Jones - It's a Wonderful Life

Christine Jones from Davidsonville kicks of the holiday season
with a $20,000 It’s a Wonderful Life win!

Anne Arundel County Woman Wins It’s a Wonderful Life Top Prize

When Christine Jones from Davidsonville saw the It’s A Wonderful Life scratch-off tickets last Sunday at the gas station, she knew she had to buy several in honor of her late fiancé. The movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, was his favorite holiday film, before he passed away two years ago. After scratching her tickets in the parking lot, Christine couldn’t believe what she saw. The number 21, her late fiancé’s birthdate, was the number which matched on her ticket and netted her $20,000 on the ticket.

The 42-year-old was very excited to share her good news, so she called her sister. “I sent her a picture of the ticket and she thought it was a joke,” she told Lottery officials. “Then, my sister told me that the movie was on the night before. It’s just crazy that all of this happened.”

Once all of the excitement calmed down, Jones was faced with the dilemma of where to stash her ticket until she had time to come and claim her winnings. In the end, she decided to hide the ticket in an empty DVD case. “I figured no one would want to steal a movie from me, so I put it in the case and took it everywhere with me,” she said. “To work, to the store, while I was watching TV – that case never left my sight.”

Keeping with the holiday spirit, Jones plans to use some of her winnings to make this Christmas memorable for her 20-year-old daughter. She purchased her winning ticket from the BP in Davidsonville at 551 West Central Avenue.  There are three top-prizes remaining on the It’s A Wonderful Life ticket, along with a holiday shopping spree second-chance.