Happy Sight for Soggy Eyes: Player Discovers $12,000 Keno Win during Storm

Linwood Dandy III of Bel Air celebrates his $12,000 Keno win on a 10-spot ticket.

Bel Air construction worker finds Lottery luck while enduring downpour

Maryland’s almost daily deluge of showers is disrupting activities from baseball games to construction work. One thing the weather couldn’t stop, however, is Lottery winning!

Linwood Dandy III of Bel Air was crowded into a pickup truck cab with his work crew one day waiting for a sudden downpour to let up. He decided to watch the results of a Keno wager he had placed earlier that day. Using the Lottery’s Keno app, he checked the 10 drawings on his 10-spot ticket from Fill ‘Er-Up in Parkton. A 3X Bonus applied to his wager earned the concrete worker a $12,000 prize!

Playing Keno is usually a fun after-work pastime, said the 53-year-old, who has only won small prizes in the past. He often plays a series of Keno games, usually 10 draws with the optional Bonus for $20, and heads home to watch the games later when he is relaxing.

However, the weather led to a change in his routine. A sudden rainstorm forced Linwood and his crew to stop a foundation prep job and seek shelter. There in the pickup, with time on his hands, Linwood pulled out his Keno ticket and his smartphone. He and his crew watched as the games played out. On one game, nine of his 10 numbers matched! A 3X Bonus on the game tripled his prize to $12,000. After a moment of disbelief followed by sheer delight, Linwood burst out of the cab to celebrate the win by dancing in the rain!

The happy winner plans to use his prize to pay bills and pay a deposit on an upcoming Ocean City vacation. He also plans to share a portion of the win with his family.

The lucky Baltimore County location that helped Linwood find his pot of gold is Maryland Line Service Center trading as Fill ‘Er-Up. For selling a winning ticket of $10,000 or more, the lucky retailer located at 21307 York Road in Parkton earns a bonus of $120, equal to 1 percent of the Keno prize.