Happy Truck Driver Hauls Away Hefty Load of Lottery Cash

Anne Arundel County man wins $50,032 prize on Bonus Match 5 game

A tractor-trailer truck driver of 50 years may hang up his keys and retire sooner than expected, thanks to his top-prize, all-taxes-paid $50,032 win on the Maryland Lottery’s Bonus Match 5 game.

The lucky Anne Arundel County resident is an avid player who favors all of the Lottery’s draw games. He fills in his playslips with birth dates of family members. One Tuesday morning, the Annapolis resident stopped at a favorite Lottery retailer, Waterbury Liquors in Crownsville, to buy a Bonus Match 5 ticket.

The 72-year-old opted for seven draws of nine sets of numbers from March 31 through April 6. Two days later, although he didn’t know it right away, he matched the winning numbers to score the top prize! He works at night and records Lottery drawings to watch when he gets home. At 2 a.m., our winner sat in amazement watching as his numbers were drawn.

“I was in shock,” he said. Best of all, he takes home the entire $50,000 because the Lottery has an all-taxes paid Bonus Match 5 promotion underway through April 26. And, his seven-draw ticket carried another winning combination so his total haul climbed to $50,032.

How will he spend his prize? Not on a vacation! His many trips over the years have taken him to places such as Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Nova Scotia. After sharing some of his good fortune with his son and daughter, our happy winner plans to buy new home appliances and will deposit the remainder into his bank account.

For selling the top-prize ticket, the Lottery will give Waterbury Liquors located at 1021 Generals Highway a $500 bonus.