Hard-to-Find Scratch-Off Ticket Delivers $50,000 to Annapolis Man [VIDEO]


Cruise for Cash Scratch-off Nearly Sold Out

Keith Lasik stopped by a neighborhood Lottery retailer on Sunday to pick up a few scratch-off tickets, something he does regularly.  Walking in, the Annapolis plumber immediately noticed that the store, the Quick Mart at 900 West Street in Annapolis, had several Cruise for Cash scratch-offs.  “I saw a Lottery mention on TV that the game had some big prizes left even though it was almost sold out,” said Keith.

In fact, officials report that it’s very difficult to even find Cruise for Cash tickets in stores now that the game is 98% sold.  Keith played the tickets outside in his van – no luck.  “I had the van in reverse, about to leave, when something told me to get two more.”  Keith listened to his intuition and wouldn’t you know it, one of those extra tickets was good for $50,000.

A check with the store owner to confirm, a call to his wife with the news and a visit this morning to the claim center brings the story to a close.  Keith and his wife will pay bills and assist their family with the winnings.  Cruise for Cash still has one $50,000 instant winner out there as well as five luxury Caribbean cruises for two available.

Keith Lasik from Annapolis happily posed for a picture while
claiming his $50K Cruise for Cash top prize.