Harford County Woman Finds Her “Golden Ticket”

Scratch-off Game Delivers $50,000 Win

A Bel Air woman waiting for her food order to be prepared at a local store made one of the happiest spur-of-the-moment decisions of her life this week.  Choosing to pass the time with a Golden Ticket scratch-off brought a $50,000 Lottery prize into her life.

The 55 year-old housewife could not believe her eyes when she scratched the ticket as she stood at the counter.  “It just had to be a hoax,” she told officials.  “It can’t be real.”  To be sure, she asked the clerk to check it, which confirmed the ticket was a winner.  After calling her daughter with the news, our winner was about to call her husband at work when she decided to visit him instead.  “That was a fun conversation.”

The Harford County couple plans to use their winnings to help family, maybe get a new car and put aside a nice chunk for a rainy day.  Their lucky Lottery retailer is the Royal Farm convenience store at 1601 Churchville Road in Bel Air.