Harford County Woman Finds Ultimate Bingo Luck

Shayla Sumter - Red Line Bingo Tripler

Shayla Sumter holds on tight to her $30,000 Red Line Bingo Tripler check.

Wins $30,000 on Red Line Bingo Tripler Scratch-off

One look at the giant oversized check with her name on it was all it took for Shayla Sumter to break in tears of joy. Thanks to a little bingo luck, the Havre de Grace resident took home $30,000 on the Red Line Bingo Tripler scratch-off.

The 26-year-old admitted that she typically wouldn’t have chosen a bingo scratch-off, usually preferring tickets without Extended Play. “I like to play regular bingo, but I usually don’t play the scratch-offs that take a lot of time to play,” Sumter said. But for some unknown reason, Sumter decided to buy the bingo-themed ticket.

As soon as Sumter saw that she had won, she screamed for the store clerk to call her father. After receiving the call, he quickly ran down to the store to see what was going on. “She’s always been a lucky person,” her dad said smiling at his daughter. “Ever since she was a child, Shayla has been lucky.”

For now, Sumter plans on purchasing a new car with a little guidance from her dad. “Even though I’m a grown woman, I’m still going to have my dad give the final okay on whatever I choose,” she said. Sumter purchased her lucky ticket at Post Road Liquors at 1123 Revolution Street in Havre de Grace.