Harford County Woman Receives Blessing after Another Blessing

Chased Powerball jackpot and won $50,000

We will not soon forget earlier this year when both the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots soared to astronomical levels. Excitement grew and players chased the huge jackpots, hoping to be Maryland’s next multimillionaire. One of those players was an Aberdeen woman, who wound up missing the Powerball jackpot but winning a $50,000 third-tier prize.

The lucky lady considers her big win a blessing and says when you help others, blessings sometimes flow back to you.

Back in mid-January, the Powerball jackpot had grown to $550 million for the Jan. 13 drawing and our big winner took notice. The 47-year-old was at a neighborhood carryout to purchase lunch when she overheard a man say he didn’t have enough money to cover his food bill. She was wearing a shirt that said, “Make someone smile today,” so she took heed and offered to pay the balance on his meal. He was grateful, calling her a “blessing.”

Powerball Blessing,” as she nicknamed herself to keep her win anonymous, went to her car afterward and called her brother to share news of what she had done.

“I told him jokingly, ‘Maybe God is going to bless me now with winning one of those jackpots,’” she said, laughing. That evening, the Harford County resident purchased five Powerball tickets and five Mega Millions tickets at the nearby Riverside Sunoco Plus and dreamed of a big win. One of those tickets, a $2 quick-pick Powerball ticket, was the winner.

Two days passed before she checked the tickets, which were still in her car. “Powerball Blessing” drove to a neighborhood store and began scanning her Powerball tickets one by one.

“The fifth ticket showed a ‘Congratulations’ message that I won $50,000 and I started to scream,” said “Powerball Blessing.” “There were people in the store, so I calmed down, signed the back of the ticket and drove to the place where I purchased the ticket and shared the news with them.”

Powerball Blessing” said the Harford County retailer located at 1319 Riverside Parkway was extremely happy for her. Still in disbelief, the lucky player drove home from the Belcamp retailer and hid her ticket, sharing the news only with her son, a couple of family members and her best friend.

The operations specialist shared that she will most likely use her winnings to help her son further his education. She also plans to treat herself to a little shopping, a trip and to boost her savings.

Want to try your luck with the Powerball drawing Saturday tonight? You still have time to buy tickets and try to win the $30 million jackpot. The cash option is $22.4 million.