Heart-Stopping Moment for Pasadena Medical Assistant

Wins $100,000 Playing Winter Riches Scratch-off

A Pasadena woman stopped by a local convenience store early this week to check one item off a long list of errands she’d assigned herself.  Her son had asked for a toy car and, as her planned route for the day wouldn’t bring them near a toy store, she decided to try her luck at a 7-11 she saw just down the road.  The luck that she encountered there might just change that toy car to a real one.

“A Lottery ticket was the last thing on my mind,” she admitted to officials, “I almost never play.”  But, as she walked past the cashier she suddenly decided to try one, a Winter Riches scratch-off.  “I scratched it in the car as my boyfriend and I were deciding what to do for lunch.  We never finished the conversation.”

Not believing what she was seeing, she handed the ticket to her boyfriend.  It looked real to him, but to remove all doubt, they took it to his father, a Lottery veteran, to confirm the win – he did, it was a $100,000 ticket.  “I was pretty calm the whole time.  I think I was in shock,” said the winner.

The couple will put just about all of the prize money into savings, but will leave a little to make an upcoming Florida vacation a bit more special. Their lucky 7-11 store is at 898 Waugh Chapel Rd. in Gambrills.