Hold the Mustard! Retired Deli Clerk Orders Scratch-off with Extra Winning

Claims $50,000 prize on Lucky Millionaire ticket

Lucky MillionaireA retired deli clerk from Parkton placed the perfect order on her coffee break – a Maryland Lottery scratch-off loaded with extra winning, please! The 68-year-old ordered and scratched a Lucky Millionaire instant ticket that day to reveal a $50,000 second-tier prize – her largest win ever!

This lucky woman, who worked for years in the bakery department and deli counter of her local Graul’s Supermarket, placed her order for a Lottery win at the Meadowcroft Exxon in Parkton. Her previous top win of $100 made this prize a tasty surprise. As the happy Lottery player revealed one $10,000 prize after another on her ticket and tallied the total to $50,000, she found her excitement and disbelief growing. “I thought it was a typo,” she said.

The happy Baltimore County resident immediately sought out her husband of more than 50 years to celebrate the win. She plans to share news of the prize with a few friends and close family members. Her unexpected windfall will go toward savings and holiday expenses.

Our winner found her lucky ticket at the Meadowcroft Exxon at 300 Mount Carmel Road in Parkton. There are three $1 million prizes and four $50,000 prizes remaining on the $20 ticket.