“Honey, You’ll Never Guess What Happened Today”

Dundalk Man Surprises Wife With $50,000 Trump Card Win

Trump CardA bit of exercise with his friends was all that was on the mind of a Dundalk man when he visited Eastpoint Mall this morning to do some walking.  His day, it turned out, would involve a little more excitement than he expected as well as a little more travelling – all the way to Lottery Headquarters to claim a $50,000scratch-off prize.

Today’s winner, a retired Bethlehem Steel electrician, plays lottery games often and has had moderate success over the years.  He bought a handful of instant tickets this morning from the American News stand and played them there at the mall among his fellow walkers.  “I scratched them and found a few small winners.  Then I came to the last ticket.”  That last one, Trump Card, was a particular favorite.  “I’d won with it a couple of times before.”  He scratched.  He looked.  He looked again.  He studied – and then all conversation at the table stopped with his announcement, “I don’t believe this.”

With the claiming paperwork behind him, the Dundalk winner had one more exciting job ahead of him.  “I’m heading home now to tell my wife the good news.  Her afternoon is about to get as exciting as my morning was.”