Horror Movie Fan Chilled, Thrilled by Lottery Scratch-off Win

Collects $50,000 Prize on Top Secret Cash Instant Ticket

Top Secret CashA Montgomery County horror movie fan canceled plans to watch scary movies at home that evening after a detour to buy snacks gave him enough thrills and chills for the year.

The Germantown resident sealed his fate for a no-movie evening by adding one more item to his movie marathon snack purchase. The spine-tingling addition was a Maryland Lottery Top Secret Cash scratch-off, which carried a $50,000 jackpot prize under the ticket’s design.

The unsuspecting Montgomery College student was simply following his routine when he ran his errand. He works as a logistics representative for a local medical device provider while also taking college courses. Whenever the 20-year-old has time off from his job and studies, he relaxes by watching horror flicks. When he scratched off the $50,000 win on this ticket before heading home, our winner also scratched all plans for his relaxing movie marathon.

“I just started shaking, even crying a bit,” the man said. He returned to the store with the ticket to have the clerk verify the win. His suspense built as the clerk carefully checked the $5 scratch-off before handing it back with a grin, saying it was the largest win ever for the store.

Our winner spent the night fretting about who to share his news with, where to hide the ticket until he could claim his prize at Lottery headquarters and how to spend his winnings. The lucky man plans to use his prize to complete studies in computer science at the University of Maryland. He bought his ticket at Milestone Sunoco at 21000 Frederick Road in Germantown.