Horses, Not Reindeer, Deliver Extra Holiday Happiness

Upper Marlboro resident wins $44,709 Racetrax prize while holiday shopping

Dec. 24 brought far more than a full holiday stocking for a Prince George’s County man. The 48-year-old was wrapping up some last minute shopping on Christmas Eve when horses — rather than reindeer — delivered a welcome gift of $44,709.

The lucky Racetrax player, calling himself “Winning Dad,” took a break from his duties as his home’s virtual learning teaching assistant to discuss that lucky day with Lottery officials. “Winning Dad” said he often plays the longshot odds of the high-number Racetrax horses. The Upper Marlboro resident noticed a couple of races featured close finishes with some of his favorite steeds on that busy day of holiday shopping.

Just before heading home, he stopped at Towson Shell to purchase a Racetrax ticket for 20 drawings. He placed a Trifecta Box bet that horses 9, 10 and 11 would cross the finish line together and added the game’s optional bonus feature.

Later, when he checked the results using the Lottery’s app, “Winning Dad” enjoyed a welcome surprise. Not only had his three-horse combination come out, winning $14,903, but his bonus feature had tripled the prize to $44,709! The odds of such a win were just one in 22,222.

“Winning Dad” said the prize helped the family have an extra joyous holiday season. “I’ll also be able to use a portion of the winnings to pay for my children’s tuition,” he said.

His retailer, Towson Shell, is located at 935 York Road in Baltimore County. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more, the lucky business earned a $447.09 bonus from the Lottery. The bonus is equivalent to 1% of the Racetrax prize.