Hospital Employee Finds Lucky Prescription for Troubling Bills

Baltimore woman wins $13,971 playing Racetrax

A Johns Hopkins hospital employee who loves playing the Maryland Lottery’s Racetrax game has good reason – she keeps on winning!

The 60-year-old mother and grandmother has taken home lots of cash prizes over the years. Even though she is no stranger to winning, she wasn’t prepared for a $13,971 win on a single Trifecta bet. Her lucky horses were 8, 10 and 12.

“On my way back from lunch, I walked past a liquor store and got a hunch. Can’t explain it, but it felt like a good time to play Racetrax,” said the Baltimore resident. Using numbers from her daughter’s birthday and her license plate, the lucky woman bought a ticket and sat back at East Bexx Liquor in Baltimore to watch her race.

“I saw my numbers hit and when I saw that it was for more than $13,000, I suddenly got very nervous.” Tucking her ticket away, the winner quickly and quietly returned to work. After a night of tossing and turning, those nerves that followed her home after the big Racetrax win were replaced with happiness and relief.

“I’d been worrying a lot about the bills that are piling up,” she said. “I’ve been praying on it every night, trying to figure out what to do.”

East Bexx Liquor at 600 North Chester in east Baltimore also benefits from her win. For selling the lucky ticket, the city retailer will receive a $139.71 bonus from the Lottery – equal to 1 percent of the prize.