Hospital Visit Brightened by $40,000 Bingo Boxes Win

West Baltimore Man Claims Top Prize on Scratch-Off

Charles Wilson has been going through troublesome times. His fiancé is in the hospital recovering from a stroke and he spends his days and nights by her bedside. It was during one of his hospital visits that Charles discovered he was $40,000 richer.

Early yesterday morning, the 61-year-old bagel-maker stopped at a local 7-11 to pick up a few scratch-offs and play a few numbers for his fiancé.  He purchased two $3 Bingo Boxes instant tickets.  It wasn’t until he was at the hospital that he decided to scratch them.  The first ticket was a non-winner.  He began to scratch the second but was interrupted when hospital staff arrived to move his fiancé to a different room. Charles went to his car while they were transferring her and decided to finish scratching his ticket.  “My jaw dropped to the floor,” said Charles. Charles hurried back to his fiancé and whispered the news to her. “You are lying!” was her response.

With his winnings, Charles plans to give his fiancé a ring upgrade. “It’s going to make her happy,” said the groom-to-be.  He also intends to pay on his car and treat himself to a new suit.  The winning ticket was purchased at 7-11 located at 2500 Liberty Heights Ave. in Baltimore.