Hotel Clerk Receives $100,000 Wake-up Call from Lady Luck

Deluxe suites and room service are in the future for a Harford County hotel clerk who received a wake-up call courtesy of Lady Luck. The Aberdeen resident happily answered the call, accepting a $100,000 top prize on the $10 Maryland Lottery scratch-off.

The loyal player found his way to a big win after selecting several Lady Luck instant tickets at 7-Eleven #11630 in Aberdeen. He told Lottery officials he researched the game on the Lottery website at and believed it gave him a better chance of winning than other games. Sales of Lady Luck end in April and the scratch-off still had two $100,000 top prizes remaining along with thousands of other prizes.

The 28-year-old settled down to work on his bundle of Lady Luck instant tickets. He revealed a series of small wins as he worked his way through the batch. Luck struck three times with a $15 win, a $50 win and then the exhilarating $100,000 win!

Flushed with excitement, the lucky man rushed home to seek reassurance and share the news with his family. His brother met him at the door. “His face was red and he was out of breath,” said his brother.

The two men examined the instant ticket several times before heading directly to Lottery headquarters to verify the win and claim the prize. Although he doesn’t have solid plans for his windfall, the happy player said he probably will pay off a few loans and purchase a new car.

The winner purchased his winning ticket at 7-Eleven #11630 located at 602 South Philadelphia Boulevard in Aberdeen. For selling a top-prize scratch-off of $100,000, the lucky retailer earns a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery. The Lady Luck game, which has been on sale since July 2017, now has a single $100,000 top prize remaining. The final date to claim any winning Lady Luck scratch-off is April 15, 2019.