Housekeeper Cleans Up with Tax Free $50,000 Scratch-off Win

Baltimore woman captures top prize on Maryland Lottery instant ticket

Tax Free $50,000Last Thursday began as an ordinary day for a 50-year-old Baltimore City woman, but something extraordinary happened after she bought three Tax Free $50,000 scratch-offs. The housekeeper cleaned up! She won the $50,000 top prize on the Maryland Lottery ticket with all taxes paid.

The lucky player was on her way to work when she bought the first two scratch-off tickets. Sadly, they were not winners. “I said to the cashier, ‘Give me one more and make sure it’s a winner,’ ” the woman recalled, smiling knowingly.

“I was shocked when I saw I won the $50,000 prize with taxes paid.”

She verified the win, tucked the ticket into her pocket and hurried to work. She waited until her day off to claim the prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

The money is a wonderful surprise. She plans to use her winnings to pay off bills and then will treat herself, the single woman said.

Her lucky ticket came from Herling’s Grocery located at 400 W. Lexington Street in Baltimore City. One more top-tier Tax Free $50,000 scratch-off is awaiting purchase in a Maryland store.