Howard County Couple Enjoys $50,000 Lottery Surprise

Claims top prize on Gold scratch-off

A Howard County husband and wife team thought they had won $50 on a Maryland Lottery Gold scratch-off until a store clerk delivered great news. The $5 instant ticket actually was a $50,000 top-prize winner!

The Lottery fans are no strangers to its variety of games but they are newcomers to winning big! The husband prefers to play draw games while the wife favors scratch-offs. They made their game purchases together on the day the $50,000 winning scratch-off came their way.

“We were out shopping when we both saw the Lottery sign at Kim’s Liquors in Randallstown, so we decided to go in,” said the Woodstock residents. While her husband chose his numbers for a Multi-Match ticket, the wife picked out four $5 scratch-offs. Her last selection was the winning Gold game. Their mission accomplished, the couple headed home. The wife got to play her games right away.

“I scratched them in the order I picked them and two of the first three were winners,” said the wife. “That fourth one, the Gold game, was the biggest winner I’ve had in a while – $50.” Or, so she thought!

Setting out Tuesday morning to run errands, the lucky lady stopped at a Lottery retailer to cash in her winning scratch-offs. “I was confused when the young man told me that he couldn’t cash the $50 winner, that I had to go somewhere else,” she said. Studying the Gold instant ticket for a moment allowed the clerk to give the mother of two fabulous news.

“When he told me that the ticket was for $50,000, I was stunned,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it was real.”

The couple plans to add the winnings to their family savings and, down the road, may spend some of the funds on landscaping.

Their winning Gold ticket also brought a Lottery bonus to Kim’s Reisterstown Plaza Liquors at 3619 Offutt Road in Randallstown. For selling the top-prize scratch-off in the game, the Baltimore County retailer earns a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

The Gold scratch-off still has plenty of Lottery cash to share, including six more $50,000 top prizes and thousands of others ranging from $5 to $5,000.