Hunch Puts Man in the Winner’s Circle with Racetrax® Win [VIDEO]


“I’m ‘loving’ my Lottery win,” said William Loving II, chuckling at his apropos moniker as he celebrated his newfound wealth. The 28-year-old Washington, D.C. resident is only an occasional Lottery player, but on April 12th, he had a “weird feeling.”

That strange intuition coupled with his wife feeling under the weather led to his trot into the winner’s circle. “My wife and I were intending to go out to dinner in D.C.,” said William. “She wasn’t feeling well, so we ended up not going.”

The couple was returning home, when William decided to use the money he would have spent on dinner to follow his hunch and play his lucky Lottery number 11 and the other two closest to it – 10 and 12. “I thought, ‘man, why not just go for it?’ Then I pulled into the Exxon and played.”

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Although William realized that he’d won, he didn’t know the extent of his win until the next morning. “I started checking it out,” said the residential property manager. “I didn’t believe it at first.” When he grasped that his win exceeded $30,000, he went to his wife. “I said to her ‘Honey, you know how last night I played the Lottery? Well, I’ve got some good news.’”

The happy twosome, who has been working on their new home, intends to use the winnings to put the finishing touches on their place. “My wife is big into decorating,” said William with a smile. William will continue playing his hunches and has a couple Racetrax® wagers that he “hopes come through.” William’s win occurred at the Bowie Exxon, located at 1500 N. W. Crain Hwy. in Bowie.

William Loving II - Racetrax

William Loving II is ‘loving” his Maryland Lottery Racetrax® win.