Hunger Prompts Shocking $50,000 Scratch-off Win

“Thing One & Thing Two” are $50,000 richer, courtesy of hunger for chicken and a lucky Payday Doubler scratch-off.

City resident finds first top prize on Payday Doubler game

Chicken and Maryland Lottery scratch-offs are a winning combination for a lucky Baltimore player, who won a $50,000 taxes-paid top prize on the Payday Doubler game after she had a hankering for fried chicken.

Whether the quick stop at a Baltimore market greased the wheels of success is open for debate. One thing is clear, the timing of the chicken run resulted in her big win!

The lucky winner, a 20-year-old retail clerk, said she purchased the $5 instant ticket when she and her mother were satisfying their hunger at Patel’s Corner in Baltimore. The duo, calling themselves “Thing One & Thing Two,” purchased the game before driving home.

As her mother drove, “Thing 2” scratched off the instant ticket and began revealing a series of winning matches, each worth a $5,000 prize. A smile spread across the woman’s face when the prizes totaled $50,000 and she screamed for her mother to stop the car.

“Thing Two” won the first top prize in the game, which went on sale Dec. 26 and still has eight more $50,000 top prizes. The lucky player said she plans to put her winnings into savings and share a portion of the prize with family members.

Receiving a retailer bonus for the sale is Patel’s Corner located at 2101 East Monument Street in Baltimore. The retailer earns a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize instant ticket in the game. Congrats!