Husband Expects ‘I Told You So’ about $50,000 Scratch-off Win

Claims top prize on Neon x10 instant game

205-Neon-x10-ITVMA retired corrections officer who wanted nothing more than to relax on a recent hot July morning is glad now that his wife – and Lottery luck – made other plans for his day.

His wife insisted the Washington, D.C. man accompany her to the grocery store. As much as he fought the errand, he’s glad now that he relented. The errand put a Maryland Lottery scratch-off worth $50,000 in his possession!

Oh, and keep that news under your hat – his wife doesn’t know yet!

“I’ll tell you, as happy as I am about this money, I’m not looking forward to the ‘I told you so’ that I know I have coming,” said the 75-year-old.

The father of two, grandfather of two and great-grandfather of two waited for his wife that day as she shopped at Giant #140 in Hyattsville. As she collected the last few items on her list, he spotted a Lottery vending machine and bought the Neon x10 scratch-off. What he saw next, after he scratched off the ticket, made his morning!

“I was stunned, absolutely in shock,” he told Lottery officials. “And that’s when I thought it was a $5,000 win. When I realized it was $50,000, I didn’t know what to do with myself.”

Our winner plans to pay a few outstanding bills and save the rest for a rainy day. He also plans to tell his wife the good news now that he’s claimed the prize. Sharing in the win is Prince George’s County retailer Giant #140 at 5815 Eastern Avenue. For selling a top-prize instant ticket, the Hyattsville store earns a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

Neon x10 is a $5 scratch-off and part of a family of Neon instant tickets that launched in May. Look for the $10 Neon x20 ticket with a top prize of $100,000, the $2 Neon x5 ticket with a top prize of $10,000 and the $1 Neon x2 ticket with a top prize of $1,000. Five more $50,000 top-prize winning $5 scratch-offs remain in stores waiting for a lucky player to find them.