Husband Finds Perfect Cold Remedy: $50,000 Powerball Prize!

Anastasios Leondaridis-Kiritios - Powerball_webAnastasios Leondalidis-Kritivos won $50,000 on the Nov. 14 Powerball drawing.

Enjoys Lottery luck in Nov. 14 drawing

A mission of mercy on behalf of his ailing wife led a Gaithersburg man to bring home a $50,000 get-well-soon surprise in the form of a winning Powerball ticket.

Anastasios Leondalidis-Kritivos found his dose of Lottery luck when he visited Giant #320 located at 229 Kentlands Boulevard in Gaithersburg to buy cold medicine for his wife.

“I hated seeing her getting sick,” he said. “After I got the meds, of course, I then grabbed a few Powerball tickets. It’s funny, because I would never have been at the Giant this early if it wasn’t for my wife being ill.”

The Nov. 14 drawing delivered the big win! The 36-year-old and his wife said the prize may go toward a trip to St. Michaels and to pay bills.