Hyattsville Man Finds Winner in $100,000 Crossword Game

“Excited” pretty much describes a Hyattsville man who won the final $100,000 top prize in the $100,000 Crossword scratch-off game. Lady Luck visited this 52-year-old player a week ago and he could not be happier.

The banker really enjoys playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs and indulged in his winning hobby last Saturday. He visited his favorite Lottery retailer, Hillandale Beer & Wine in Silver Spring, to play the $100,000 Crossword game.

“I really like this ticket because I know people who have won playing it,” said the scratch-off fan. His turn to win was only moments away.

The Prince George’s County resident played the last scratch-off in one book with no big win. Then, the cashier pulled out a brand new book of scratch-offs and handed the father of two the very first instant ticket in that $100,000 Crossword series. He scratched the $10 game in the store and, to his surprise, saw a $100,000 win.

“I scanned the ticket numerous times because I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “I just saw a lot of zeros.”

The loyal player started feeling uneasy at the store with such a huge winning ticket in his possession and called a taxi to take him home. The happy dad claimed the prize this week at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. The winner said he still needs time to decide what to do with the windfall but plans to include something nice for his children.

Hillandale Beer & Wine located at 10117 New Hampshire Avenue is also winning! For selling a $100,000 top-prize scratch-off, the Silver Spring retailer earns a bonus of $1,000 from the Lottery.