Hyattsville Man Makes Winning a Family Affair

Oscar Eguizabal - Thrilling 3s

Winning is a family affair for Oscar Eguizabal.

Wins $30,000 Top Prize on Thrilling 3s Scratch-off

One by one the family of Oscar Eguizabal — a brother, an uncle, two cousins and another brother — filed into the Winners Lounge at Maryland Lottery headquarters. Each had a broad smile on his face and a spring in his step. Oscar, the man of the hour, appeared equally thrilled with his Thrilling 3s scratch-off win.

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As one of his brothers translated, the El Salvador native related his winning moment. Oscar purchased just one Thrilling 3s ticket on Saturday and took it home to play. With his father looking on the 31-year-old scratched it to discover that he was $30,000 richer. “We were happy, very happy,” Oscar said.

When the construction worker relayed that he intends to help his family with his winnings, his group of relatives enthusiastically expressed their approval. “He’ll spend it on me,” said his brother with a laugh. The winning ticket was purchased at 5415 Kenilworth Ave. in Riverdale.