Hyattsville Player Finds Popular Scratch-off’s First $20,000 Prize

“Jason” of Hyattsville picked up a $20,000 prize on the popular $20,000,000 Cash Payout! scratch-off game.

Buys winning $20,000,000 Cash Payout! scratch-off at former workplace

It only takes one instant ticket to win. An infrequent Maryland Lottery player from Hyattsville proved this fact on Feb. 13 when he happily claimed a $20,000 winning instant ticket in the $20,000,000 Cash Payout! game.

“If you’re going to win, you’re going to win,” says “Jason,” who bought his lucky $10 scratch-off at Variedades Delmy’s, a convenience store in Landover where he worked. “Jason” still frequents the store, in part to chat with friends and former co-workers. He sometimes lingers over a scratch-off “just for kicks.” On the day he found his Lottery fortune, “Jason” matched the numbers on his scratch-off and realized he won the first of the game’s 14 $20,000 prizes.

“I was kind of shocked,” he said, flashing a smile. When the shock wore off, he made plans for the proceeds. He will pay off the balance on his car loan and some other bills. Also, a celebratory dinner out with the family is in the works for the 24-year-old player.

This game is still packed with unclaimed prizes, including five $100,000 top prizes. For the third week in a row, the $20,000,000 Cash Payout! game is the Maryland Lottery’s most popular scratch-off game (as of Feb. 12). Find this game and more at “Jason’s” lucky retailer located at 7726 Landover Road in Prince George’s County. Also, check out the Cash Payout family of games second-chance promotion, where non-winning scratch-offs give players a chance to win $2,500 cash prizes.