Hyattsville Woman is “Super” Lucky

Son Saves Winning $50,000 Super Bonus Crossword Scratch-Off from Trash

Super Bonus CrosswordA happy Hyattsville woman is $50,000 richer thanks to her eagle-eyed son. The 19-year-old saw his mom about to throw her Super Bonus Crossword scratch-off into the garbage and quickly stopped her.  “I was about to throw it away until my son looked at it,” said the married mother-of-two.  The infrequent Lottery player said that she chose this particular ticket on a whim. When her son told her that she was a winner she refused to believe him. In fact, she was so certain that it couldn’t be true that she went to two Lottery retailers to have her ticket checked. Only after both stores verified the winning ticket was she convinced of her good fortune.

The woman, who hails from El Salvador quickly proceeded to Lottery Headquarters to claim her prize.  Plans for her windfall include a family vacation, paying off bills and putting money into savings.  The winning ticket was purchased at Riggs Grocery store, located on 5405 Kenilworth Ave. in Riverdale.