Deanna Scardina-MozdzenI am not one to answer my phone when I don’t know the number, so when my phone rang, I shrugged my shoulders and said they’ll leave a message if it is important.  I just didn’t realize how important it was! I didn’t even realize that there was a drawing that day so I thought nothing of it. When I checked my messages later that day, I couldn’t believe what I heard; I won two Premium Club Level Tickets and a parking pass to the Ravens versus Bucs game. The overall experience of sitting club level was wonderful. It was a cold afternoon/evening and I was thankful that I had the opportunity to go inside during halftime, but nothing could keep us away from watching the game. It turned about to be a great game and a wonderful experience. Little did I know that this would not be the only time I would live the Ravens Fantasy.

On Tuesday, December 28th, I received a phone call, while I was on the other line and was unable to answer it. When I checked my message, it was a message from Gail, simply asking me to return her phone call. I figured it was just some type of follow-up call about the tickets I won before and returned her call immediately. She was unavailable so I just left her a message. While waiting for her phone call, I became nervous and impatient, not knowing why, my stomach was in knots. I decided to go to the lottery website and see what drawings were happening that day and what I had entered. When I saw that it was the 2011 Season tickets, my nerves took the best of me. I kept thinking to myself, that there is no way, I’m not that lucky.

As I was pacing the floor my phone finally rang, which was only about 10 minutes after I left her a message. Gail told me what I consider to be one of my best Christmas presents. She said my luck hadn’t run out yet! I said to her, “I did not win Season tickets for next year”, she informed me that I had indeed won; I could not believe it, I was ecstatic. I was jumping around the room.  I was speechless. I was so excited I was shaking. After getting off the phone with her I could barely keep my composure to call my husband. My voice was trembling, as I said, “You are never going to guess what happened”, at this time he’s thinking what’s wrong, what happened, and that he was going to have to leave work, and then I blurted out I just won 2011 season tickets. I immediately told my parents also and they too thought something was wrong until I told them my wonderful news; I finally calmed down and let it all set in.

As for going to every game next season I can’t imagine what it will be like. Thank you Maryland Lottery for creating a great game with great prizes, I know my husband and I will continue to keep playing the Ravens Cash Fantasy!!!

Deanna Scardina-Mozdzen

Deanna won 2010 Club Tickets vs. the Bucs AND 2011 Season Tickets.