I’m living the fantasy and will be for the entire 2010 season!
Thank you, Maryland Lottery!

Karen KleinfeldI found out I won on New Year’s Eve and I couldn’t imagine a better way for this Raven’s fan to ring in the new year than to win season tickets!   My celebration consisted of letting my brother-in-law, Mark Staines, know that we were going to enjoy the 2010 football season, not sitting at home, but tailgating, getting dressed up in our Raven’s gear and cheering our team to victory with our closest 70,000 friends at M&T Bank Stadium!

So, on New Years Eve, I donned my Raven’s attire with bird caller in hand and marched into his house exclaiming, “We won, we won, we won season tickets!”. It took some convincing that this was not a joke, but after listening to the voicemail from the lottery office, he was a believer and the New Years Eve festivus had begun!

And what makes this even better is to go to your first preseason game and find out that the person sitting right next to you won their season tickets too!  Hey, Larry and Dave….see you next game!

Living the Fantasy in 2010,

Karen Kleinfeld
Owings Mills, MD

Karen won 2010 season tickets as part of Ravens Cash Fantasy in 2009.