Ravens Cash Fantasy winner Kim Blackwell and friends enjoy the
Ravens vs. Steelers game at M&T Bank Stadium.

We had one of the best times of our lives. The food was excellent. We had good service, great seats and of course you have heard by now, the game was one of the BEST EVER. All of our guests had a fantastic time and are still thanking us for their once-in-a- lifetime skybox party.

Thank you Maryland Lottery and Baltimore Ravens for an incredible day.

Kim Blackwell

Kim won 2011 Skybox Tickets vs. the Steelers


Last weekend my husband and I had the distinct pleasure of watching the Baltimore Ravens totally stomp the Pittsburg Steelers from the comforts of the Maryland State Lottery SkyBox. My brother and sister-in-law were the winners of the box, the tickets to the game, the parking passes, and all the trimmings you and your team so graciously arranged for us. I must say it was an unforgettable afternoon. Knowing the history and the ongoing rivalry between the two teams, I really expected a lovely, comfortable setting with delicious food but a win for our side was only a possibility. Much to my delight and surprise – we won and we won by a lot! I want to thank you, and all of your team, for all of your hard work and attention to details that made the afternoon an unforgetable one for me and the 19 others who shared the day in your SkyBox. Enjoying all the pleasures you provided let me see how “the other side” goes to a football game. It will keep me buying my scratch-offs and lottery tickets – you know what they say, “You gotta play to win!” Again, thank you for everything – it will be an afternoon and game long remembered.

Mary Peacock

Mary was a guest of Kim.