Ignoring the People’s Choice Pays Off with Big Scratch-off Prize

Rockville man claims first $100,000 Super Triple 10s scratch-off prize

A Montgomery County man is $100,000 richer today after deciding not to follow a crowd’s example and buy the same Maryland Lottery scratch-off. Instead, he found a top-prize winning Super Triple 10s scratch-off and became the first to claim a top prize in the $10 game.

The Rockville resident had stopped at the Rockville Pike Shell for a Multi-Match ticket when he saw a group of people buying scratch-off games. He decided he would also buy a scratch-off.

“They all bought the same ticket, so I said to myself, ‘No, get something different,’ ” he said, smiling.

So, the lucky player purchased a Super Triple 10s instant ticket and scratched it there in the store. It’s a good thing the 50-year-old restaurant employee decided not to follow the crowd, because his ticket won big money!

“I wasn’t sure it was $100,000 until I checked the machine and it said ‘Cash at Lottery,’ ” he said.

The married father of two adult children immediately called his wife and son to share his news. He told Lottery officials that, initially, they did not believe him and his son thought he was joking. “I had to FaceTime them so they could see it was real.”

The big winner took a picture of his ticket, went home and put it in a locker. He proceeded to have a very nervous day at work as he anticipated claiming the $100,000 prize, which he did with his son by his side. The happy player plans to use the money for a down payment on a house and to help with an already planned trip to Disney World.

The Super Triple 10s scratch-off game that launched June 26 still has five top prizes available, 16 $10,000 prizes as well as thousands of others ranging from $10 to $1,000.

Also celebrating his good fortune is the lucky Rockville retailer. For selling a top-prize winning scratch-off in the game, Rockville Pike Shell located at 1911 Rockville Pike earned a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.