Ijamsville Man Receives $200,000 Birthday Gift [VIDEO]


Claims Second-Tier Powerball prize on 50th birthday

Shawn Niedomanski arrived in style to claim his Powerball prize. The $200,000 winner pulled up to Lottery Headquarters in a chauffer-driven limousine with his wife-of-16 years, his brother, nephew and three friends by his side.

Clearly relishing his winning experience, the kitchen remodeler said that he bought the ticket a couple of weeks ago, but waited until his birthday to make the trip to Lottery Headquarters. It was a Tuesday evening when the Frederick County man made his lucky purchase. “I had won $2 on Keno so I told the clerk to give me two Powerball tickets,” said Shawn. “The clerk said, ‘No, Mega Millions is tonight.” Shawn stuck to his guns and said, “No, I want Powerball.”

On Thursday after the drawing, a friend mentioned to Shawn that a second-tier winning ticket had been sold at the retailer where he made his Powerball purchases. Shawn initially didn’t think anything of it, but when the clerk at the store told him when the ticket was sold, he realized he was there at that very time.

When Shawn went home, his neighbor came over with the winning numbers from the drawing and they checked his ticket. “I started jumping up and down,” said the delighted winner. “I told him, ‘If if couldn’t be me, I’m glad it was you,” said his neighbor, one of the friends who accompanied Shawn to claim his prize.

While Shawn intends to use his prize money to pay bills and get out of debt, he was also using a bit of it to celebrate. The group piled into the limousine to head to Charlestown, where they were going to continue the day’s festivities. The $200,000 Powerball ticket was purchased at Green Valley W & S, located at 11801 Fingerboard Rd. in Monrovia.

Shawn Niedomanski - Powerball

Shawn Niedomanski from Ijamsville celebrates his
$200,000 Powerball win with friends and family.