Ijamsville Man Scores First Ravens Cash Fantasy Top Prize [VIDEO]


Wins $250,000 on Ravens-themed scratch-off

Just two Ravens Cash Fantasy tickets remained at the 7-11 where Haven Millberry stopped to buy his Mega Millions tickets. That’s all it took for him to take home $250,000. Haven was nearly out the 7-11 door when he noticed the scratch-off display and decided to buy a couple tickets. The scratch-offs he requested weren’t available, so being a Ravens fan and wanting a $5 ticket, he chose Ravens Cash Fantasy. When the clerk told him only two were left he told her to give him both.

It was about five the next morning when Haven scratched his tickets. “I went out to my truck to get something,” said Haven, who works as a heavy equipment operator and truck driver. “I had forgotten about the tickets until I saw them there.” He went back into the house and proceeded to reveal his win.

“I looked at the ticket and thought, ‘Ain’t no way,’” said the 34-year-old father-of-two. Haven quickly called out to his fiancée, Tonie, who was still sleeping and told her that he’d won. Groggy and skeptical, she went back to sleep and didn’t realize they were $250,000 richer until she woke later that morning.

“I smiled and asked him if he was ready to double-check his win at the store,” said Tonie, who accompanied Haven to Lottery Headquarters. “Let’s roll,” responded Haven. The happy twosome went to the retailer where Haven purchased the tickets. When the ticket scanner read “Pay at Maryland Lottery” Haven said, “That’s when my blood starting rolling.” With his winnings, Haven intends to fulfill his lifelong dream of starting his own excavation business. He also plans to buy a new pickup truck and boat and pay off his fiancé’s car. The winning ticket was sold at 7-11, located at 8900 Fingerboard Rd. in Frederick.

Haven Millberry - Ravens Cash Fantasy

Haven Millberry, pictured with his fiancé, scores the first top prize on
the Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-off.