Impulse Buy Turns Routine Friday Night into $50,000 Home Run

St. Mary’s County woman hits top prize on Home Run Riches scratch-off

A Mechanicsville grandmother of one who usually plays Maryland Lottery games only on paydays made an impulse buy and hit a $50,000 home run.

“Every two weeks, right after I get paid, my husband and I usually go shopping for groceries and then I buy a couple of Lottery tickets,” said the “Lucky Winner.” “I usually play them at home but after winning some money on a previously purchased ticket, I decided to scratch the tickets right in the parking lot!”

Before purchasing the $5 winning Home Run Riches scratch-off, the 46-year-old played her favorite games, Keno and a Deluxe Crossword scratch-off. The 28-year Lottery enthusiast won $5 in Keno and used that money to buy the $5 Deluxe Crossword game. The St. Mary’s County mom then bought Home Run Riches — a scratch-off she has never played — on a whim. After realizing she won the game’s $50,000 top prize, “Lucky Winner” gave her husband a big kiss and showed him the winning scratch-off.

“We both cried because we knew we could use this money to help us get out of debt,” “Lucky Winner” told Lottery officials after claiming her prize. They plan to pay off all of their debts with the prize and use whatever money remains to vacation in Las Vegas.

This was the third $50,000 top prize claimed in the Home Run Riches game. Players can look for four more unclaimed top prizes, along with thousands of additional prizes ranging from $10 to $5,000. Non-winning Home Run Riches scratch-offs are eligible for the “Contestant of the Game” second-chance contest, too. Players can win cash prizes tied to Orioles home run hits. Enter through the My Lottery Rewards player loyalty program. Get program details HERE.

The lucky retailer, Burchmart #004 located at 28270 Three Notch Road in Mechanicsville, is also a lucky winner. For selling the top-prizewinning ticket, the retailer will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.