Intuition or Impulse? D.C. Woman Finds $50,000 Scratch-off Winner

Claims top prize on Maryland Lottery Deluxe Cash Crossword game

147-Deluxe-Cash-Crossword-ITVM_P1_purpleFollowing her intuition – or perhaps simply an impulse – put a top-prize winning Maryland Lottery scratch-off into the hands of a dubious, yet happy, Washington, D.C. woman. The loyal player doubted her good fortune all the way up the highway until she arrived at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, where officials confirmed the $50,000 win on a Deluxe Cash Crossword scratch-off.

“Even though the ticket was saying I won, it still wasn’t sinking in on the ride here,” she said. “Now, I know for sure I’m a winner.”

The happy District of Columbia native usually buys one or two $5 tickets at a time. On the day good fortune came her way, she failed to win on the first ticket she purchased at the Super Liquors at 4745 Marlboro Pike in Capitol Heights. The 62-year-old decided she was finished playing scratch-offs for that day. Then, all of sudden, just as she was leaving the Prince George’s County store, she felt the impulse to turn away from the door and buy a second scratch-off. She did just that!

“I was sitting at home relaxing, watching television when I decided to scratch the ticket,” she said. “That’s all I can remember. All I could focus on is what the scratch-off was saying. It was saying I won $50,000!”

The retired winner plans to buy new furniture for her home, pay bills and maybe take a much needed getaway trip. “I don’t know where I want to go yet but this money will definitely help me,” she said.

The Deluxe Cash Crossword scratch-off has five top-tier $50,000 prizes remaining along with 14 second-tier $10,000 prize-winning tickets. For selling the top-tier ticket, the store will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.