Iron Worker Claims $50,000 Scratch-off Prize

Derwood man claims top prize

Double Dollar FortuneA happy iron worker from Derwood was fired up with excitement when he arrived at Maryland Lottery headquarters to claim a $50,000 prize on a Double Dollar Fortune scratch-off.

What a change from the day the 50-year-old found his lucky ticket at Landover Hills Exxon in Landover. Our winner said he remained calm, cool and collected in the store.

“I played two games that happened to be next to one another in the store’s display,” said the husband and father. “I won a few dollars and decided to get one more.” The $20 Double Dollar Fortune ticket, which delivered the biggest surprise, “was the next game in line.” What a win!

After slowly exiting the store, he called his wife from the parking lot to tell her he had a surprise. “When I got home after work and told her what had happened, she started crying,” said the Montgomery County resident. This Lottery win will help with medical bills and expenses, he said.

Want to check out his lucky store? Visit Landover Hills Exxon at 6579 Annapolis Road. While this was the final $50,000 winner available on the Double Dollar Fortune instant game, players can still look for the one ticket worth $1 million still undiscovered in Maryland stores.