IT Worker Dazzled by $50,000 Tech the Halls Scratch-off Win

Landover man claims top prize on $5 scratch-off launched – and bought – Monday

An information technology support worker can now choose the word “winner” to brighten his day each time he has to reset a computer password. The lucky Landover man is the first in Maryland to win a top prize on one of the Maryland Lottery’s brand-new Tech the Halls family of scratch-off tickets.

The 30-year-old man can thank his fiancé for her role in making the $50,000 Tech the Halls win happen. She bought a group of Tech the Halls scratch-offs on Monday, Oct. 28, for the two of them to scratch because she wanted to try a new instant ticket. Talk about new! The holiday-themed tickets had just hit the stores that day.

The scratch-offs feature a holiday tree in different colors depending on the ticket price of $1, $2, $3, $5 or $10. Top prizes range from $1,000 for the $1 ticket to $100,000 for the $10 ticket. Players can enter their non-winning tickets into My Lottery Rewards for the second-chance contest that will award 150 premium Sony®-branded tech prizes that include a laptop, tablet and LED HDTV.

The fiancé bought two each of the $5, $3 and $2 tickets. The couple scratched the tickets together at home. When our winner scratched one of his $5 tickets, he was dazzled by the $50,000 prize.

“We knew that we had a match and, when we scratched off the prize, we couldn’t believe it,” he said.

The two are expecting their second child in April and have no immediate plans for the windfall. “We want to make a smart decision with how to best to use the prize,” said the winner.

Want to electrify your holidays with a Tech the Halls winning scratch-off? Try your luck where our couple found good fortune. Their tickets came from the Annapolis Exxon on 1926 West Street in Annapolis. For more product and contest details: